The obligatory icebreaker post…


First of all, I’d suggest reading the about me part of this site first… It’ll explain a lot more about who I am. Right now, this is an icebreaker, and simply put, a make way to make me feel better. I am trying to make myself feel better as normally I ignore this blog months, or years, at a time.

So what is next?

I’d like to slowly start filling this blog up with happy little things. Be that pictures. Stories about my day. Pictures about my dog. Stories about my dog. Quotes and inspiration. But (if listing two things about my dog in a row didn’t clue you in to something) this should be your alarm bell. There will be lots about my dog, she’s practically all that I photograph.

The obligatory icebreaker post...

Keefer at one year of age, Aug’16.


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